Dunkelziffer e. V.

Since 1993, Dunkelziffer e.V. has been fighting against sexual abuse of children and against childpornography, with therapy, counseling, prevention and training. Through their projects, the association supports children with sexual violence, their trustworthiness and all who come into contact with the subject professionally or privately. For the donation gala „Spende Licht!“ We have developed a German-wide Citylight campaign with the prominent couples Chantal de Freitas and Kai Wiesinger, Ann-Kathrin Kramer and Harald Krassnitzer and Viktoria and Heiner Lauterbach. The campaign was photographed by the star photographer Gabo. With interviews of the prominent couples, the shoot was broadcast as a making-of in the ARD. Later the escape campaign followed as 18/1 posters, photographed by Johann Sebastian Hänel.

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